Dr Marko Zlatanović

Dr Marko Zlatanović was born on 28th April in 1984 in Niš where he finished elementary, high school and medical school. After completing his medical studies, he started working and a residency in the Eye clinic in Niš. Since the beginning of his specialization and during his residency, Dr Marko Zlatanović directed all his energy towards vitreoretinal surgery, part of ophthalmology that deals with treatment of complications at the back of the eye. During specialization Dr. Marko Zlatanović had received a number of scholarships for various European associations for education abroad. He was a scholar of EVRS-a (European Association vitreoretinal surgeons, the ESCRS (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) SOE's (European Association of Ophthalmologists).

Dr Marko Zlatanović is also a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmologists. In addition to European and international member associations he is also a member of ophthalmologists and glaucoma doctors in Serbia.

Doctor Marko Zlatanović showed his commitment to vitreoretinal surgery from the start of his ophthalmological education. He was on training at the European School of Vitreoretinal Surgery in Bremen with the guidance of Professor Dr Claus Lucke as a mentor, spent 2 years in "Miloš" clinic in Belgrade and studied alongside Professor Dr. Ferenc Kuhn, Dr. Zoran Tomić and Dr Charalampos Livir Relatos, all world-renowned surgeons. He spends three months in the Clinical Center in Belgrade, where he improved his knowledge on vitreoretinal surgery with Dr P.Paović and assistant professor Dr Vuković. As a part of the training for a period of two months he spent in Athens with Dr. Charalampos Rekaltos at Athes Eye Hospital, in one of the best European hospitals where he studied the most advanced methods of vitreoretinal surgery.

Dr Marko Zlatanović spent 2 months at Columbia University in New York with the guidance of Professor Stanley Chang and Professor Tongalp Tezel, one of the world's most famous vitreoretinal surgeons and inventor of the most important parts of this surgical technique. During his stay at the Harkness Eye Institute, Columbia University in New York, he worked on a number of scientific research projects and assisted in many surgeries.

Dr Marko Zlatanović at Columbia University went on a scholarship of the American Association of retinal surgeons that enables non-American doctors that in the period of two months have trainings at one of the most prestigious universities in the world and certainly one of the largest and best eye clinics in the world.

Today, young but with great surgical experience, Dr. Marko Zlatanović is a head of vitreoretinal department at the Clinic Maja.

Dr Marko Zlatanović besides working at Clinics Maja also works at the Clinical Center of Niš, where he introduced a number of innovations in the surgical treatment of the ocular fundus. He introduced i.e. sutureless surgery; surgeries on 23Ga and 25Ga, after which it is not necessary to suture and recovery of patients is much faster. Also, Dr. Marko Zlatanović first introduced macular surgery in the Clinical Center Niš. We would like to point out the surgery of lenses fixation of sclera in patients who do not have zonal support (lack of a natural material that holds the lens in a place) is successfully performed by Dr. Zlatanović.

He specializes in surgery of patients with diabetes, as well as medical and laser treatment of the same disease.

He is the author and presenter of numerous papers at conferences in the country and abroad. Regularly participate in the Congress of the retina (Euretina) Congress of the American Academy and the EVRS ESCRS Congress.

In his free time he likes to run and is an avid skier. He ran several half marathons. He is married and the father of one boy.